Midi message for changing bank - and some frustration

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Re: Midi message for changing bank - and some frustration

Unread post by Outof » Wed May 10, 2017 2:16 pm

Sorry for late update guys, but maybe someone will look at this if they're having the same problem - so I thought it would be nice to present my final solution. I have now succeeded in changing all my Yamaha voices only by using Logic:
This "programming" is based on the Yamaha W7 datalist that I guess most owners manual have:
mgRe.png (17.51 KiB) Viewed 213 times
Please note that W7 got a v2 version, that add another two preset lists. That is way they are not presented in this list. The rest of the "codes" are for the External bank and drum banks. You can also see that I have typed in all the 128 bank names, in this example the "Preset 1" bank. I hope other people have benefits from studying this... :)

However, I am left with some new questions after digging into this:
1) I can load a lot of different voices in the "Internal" bank (128 voices), so it would be nice to also have the right names associated to it when I load new voices. How can I do this? I tryed to make a new multi instrument, but it didn't work the same way as for the first that i made.
2) I might remember wrong, but I was shure I was reading about someone that told there was a limit in 8 or so lines in the event list, but as you see - I have 11 in my list, and all are working fine. Is there any limitation for the length in the list?

Thank you for helping me out, it is working, yeahh.... =o)

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