Low volume when recording Bass with thr10

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Low volume when recording Bass with thr10

Unread post by Noghpu » Fri Feb 15, 2013 7:55 pm

Hey everyone

I bought the original thr10 a few months back and have been happy with it so far. Haven't tried recording with it until recently.
Connecting it to the PC and Mac was easy and everything worked so far. The problem is that the sound send to the PC is super quiet. Tried to record with Audacity (PC) and Garage band but the problem is the same (can't use cubase since I lost the CD that came with the thr10). I don't think the software is the problem, because the input level shown in the system's control panel barely goes over 10% even when I play as loudly as I can.
Everything on the Thr10 is set to 12o'Clock and I'm using the bass mode. The volume is fine through the speakers and the phones output.

Has anyone tried to record bass with the thr10? Am I missing a knob to increase the output through the USB connector?

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