Can you hear me scam: You can fall victim to fraudsters by answering simple phone question

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Re: Can you hear me scam: You can fall victim to fraudsters by answering simple phone question

Unread post by Saul » Tue Feb 28, 2017 9:01 am

Might be an idea to flag up scams here on the forum as you hear about them. It's not just us looking out for each other but everything on this forum is indexed by Google and other search engines within hours of posting so your also helping others out at the same time. I'm not saying go out actively looking for news about scams but we all come across this stuff from time to time and the more publicity given to it the more chance of saving someone from falling into the trap.
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Re: Can you hear me scam: You can fall victim to fraudsters by answering simple phone question

Unread post by EX5_etc » Mon Mar 06, 2017 2:03 pm

SeaGtGruff wrote: As a result of that incident, the first people I called were AT&T, and the young lady I was talking with said the same thing had happened to her, and she told me that I could ask AT&T to block third-parties from being able to bill me for their services by tacking their charges onto my AT&T bill. Of course I did just that, but it made me wonder why AT&T allows such tacked-on charges in the first place! I realize it's supposed to be for "convenience," but it's too prone to being exploited by scammers.
AT&T does that because a federal law forces them to accept those charges. It is some sort of a "Telecommunications Act" law enacted after 1990 or so and a small paragraph somewhere there allows for this to happen. I had the same issue with Verizon, three $10 charges in three monthly bills, years ago. They did not tell me that I could, as the law specifies, put a stop on third-party billing. I found about this option by searching around the net. It is known as "cramming" and the magic words to use with the phone carrier is that you wish to have "bill blocker" activated in your account. I had all the charges reversed and then switched to VOIP that made things simpler and cheaper. I get free internet where I am now (and I am not saying how I do that) so all is good. We have the politicians to blame about all this crap with third-part billing.

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