DX7 Supplemental Booklets download links

Downloads for the Yamaha DX7 and TX7 module

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DX7 Supplemental Booklets download links

Unread post by rawl747 » Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:40 pm

After a PM request for download links for the DX7 supplemental booklets previously available on the old site downloads section, I decided to publish download links for these hosted on my company web site. Here are the links for those booklets that Daniel Forró and I scanned and converted to PDF:

http://www.keyops.com/aftertouch/DX_Sup ... (DXII).pdf
http://www.keyops.com/aftertouch/DX_Sup ... _Guide.pdf
http://www.keyops.com/aftertouch/DX_Sup ... _Guide.pdf
http://www.keyops.com/aftertouch/DX_Sup ... _Usage.pdf
http://www.keyops.com/aftertouch/DX_Sup ... Change.pdf
http://www.keyops.com/aftertouch/DX_Sup ... Charts.pdf
http://www.keyops.com/aftertouch/DX_Sup ... Voices.pdf
http://www.keyops.com/aftertouch/DX_Sup ... alings.pdf
http://www.keyops.com/aftertouch/DX_Sup ... alings.pdf
http://www.keyops.com/aftertouch/DX_Sup ... tuning.pdf
http://www.keyops.com/aftertouch/DX_Sup ... tuning.pdf
http://www.keyops.com/aftertouch/DX_Sup ... tuning.pdf
http://www.keyops.com/aftertouch/DX_Sup ... tuning.pdf
http://www.keyops.com/aftertouch/DX_Sup ... g_Data.pdf
http://www.keyops.com/aftertouch/DX_Sup ... tuning.pdf

I have much other DX & FM synthesis material in digital form but will need to establish a formal web area on one of my sites if I am to be able to host them in an organized and readily available format. Meanwhile, I hope some of you find these useful...

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Re: DX7 Supplemental Booklets download links

Unread post by AndyHornBlower » Sat Jun 24, 2017 10:10 pm

Thanks, Rawl, but I think the title should say "DX7 II Supplemental Booklets".

I've had a quick look at them. The "II" is quite small, on the title page of each, and I had to scroll down to see that bit, so it's easily missed.

They look interesting though, and I think a lot of it is probably relevant to the original DX7 and TX7, and synthesis in general, especially the stuff about microtuning.

I'm aware of Just Intonation (and that there's more than one sort), and I've used it by setting ClearTune to Standard Just, when I play my acoustic instruments. It does sound better than equal temperament, to me, but it needs to be set for each key you're playing in, to do it properly, which is not practical for tunes that switch between two or more keys, and is a bit of a pain to set up on synths - you'd really have to send a sysex upload, rewriting the microtuning table, for the key you wanted to play in. It still interests me though.

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