How to replace the Scene/Octave switches in an EX5

The EX5 features a unique Extended Synthesis system which incorporates a number of advanced tone generator technologies. AWM2, AN, FDSP and VL. The EX5 is one of the best keyboard Yamaha ever produced.

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How to replace the Scene/Octave switches in an EX5

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This is the first draft of the replacement process for the Scene and Octave switches in an an EX5 (and perhaps an EX7). The same technique will no doubt work on an EX5R but the process will be different.
In essence the steps involved are:

Remove base assembly
Detach the MIDI pcb and move it to one side
Remove the JKDA audio pcb
Remove the JKDA support bracket
Remove the PNS pcb
Replace the defective switch(es)
Reverse steps to re-assemble

You can see the illustrated steps by visiting my web site here.

Parts required: new switches which you can either acquire from Sontec or a compatible equivalent I located from RS Components. I have detailed the manufacturer and their part number if you need to source from local suppliers. I bought a pack of 5 from a RS which worked perfectly and found them both cheaper and quicker than parts sourced by Sontec from Germany although that remains an option if you are want to keep original spec parts. You will of course need a needle point soldering iron and some soldering skills or a friend who has them.
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Re: How to replace the Scene/Octave switches in an EX5

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Thanks Jim. These guides are invaluable ((i)) ((i)) ((i))

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