EX5 Sound wavering out of tune

The EX5 features a unique Extended Synthesis system which incorporates a number of advanced tone generator technologies. AWM2, AN, FDSP and VL. The EX5 is one of the best keyboard Yamaha ever produced.

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EX5 Sound wavering out of tune

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My keyboard has started wavering out of tune. When I strike a chord it is not on pitch then as I hold it it clearly wavers more downward as it decays. I've reinitialized it to the factory settings but so far I've not had any luck fixing it long term. It did seem to be better yesterday for a while. I left it on to see if perhaps keeping it warm would make a difference but if it did then it was worse. I'm turning it off over night and will check again in the morning. Someone has suggested it might be a power supply problem. Any ideas are appreciated. I can attach a sound file if it helps.

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Re: EX5 Sound wavering out of tune

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In general (I.e. not just EX5) it can be pitch bend and mod wheels and their circuits. If you edit a patch to turn pitch bend and mod off, does the problem get better?

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Re: EX5 Sound wavering out of tune

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You might also check that there is no aftertouch assigned, or send a chord via MIDI to avoid the key-bed completely. It does not have the feel of a PSU issue, if they have a problem they tend to just fail.

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