EX7 vs EX5 presets comparison

The EX5 features a unique Extended Synthesis system which incorporates a number of advanced tone generator technologies. AWM2, AN, FDSP and VL. The EX5 is one of the best keyboard Yamaha ever produced.

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EX7 vs EX5 presets comparison

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Hi all,

At the moment I've got both an EX5 and an EX7 here. As anyone familiar with them will know, the EX7 is lacking the VL and some of the AN power (poly vs layer, AN + FDSP mode) of the EX5, and yet the factory patch names are (to an extent the same). Clearly the EX7 is approximating the extra features of the EX5.

Has anyone done, or would anyone be interested in, a comparison of these presets? I'm planning on selling the EX7 shortly but I figured this might be a rare chance for a side by side comparison (linked by MIDI, played from the same keyboard, recorded into separate channels).


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