VL70m presets on the EX5?

The EX5 features a unique Extended Synthesis system which incorporates a number of advanced tone generator technologies. AWM2, AN, FDSP and VL. The EX5 is one of the best keyboard Yamaha ever produced.

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VL70m presets on the EX5?

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I apologise if this has been done to exhaustion before, I looked but couldn't find anything exactly like it.

I'm torn between getting a VL70m or an EX5. The thing is that, given the extra capabilities of the EX5, there should be no question - if one has the physical space and resources, get the EX5, right?

However, the reason I'm so interested in the VL70m are its 'eastern' sounding presets, in fact not mandatorily eastern but anything to do with flutes or otherwise 'ethnic' sounds. I also like the electric guitars. And my problem is that all the online demos I've seen of the EX5 focus very little on those kinds of sounds, so little that I'm led to believe that there are not that many interesting presets of those types on the EX5. Maybe I haven't been looking in the right places. I do know that physical modelling as done, say, by Korg, focuses on strings rather than reeds, and on the one hand that omission annoys me no end, but on the other hand it just seems likely that even Yamaha wouldn't have given it a lot of presets effort in the EX5, even if the engine does support it.

Then I hear that the among the VL1, the VL70m, and the EX5, each can do VL things the others can't, but I haven't seen it clarified further.
There's also the mention that VL70m patches can be loaded into the EX5, but I'm not sure if that means I'd be able to easily get the VL70m presets somewhere and have the EX5 use them, let alone sounding the same.

(I should probably clarify that I'm not into the wind or guitar MIDI controller scene, I'd almost surely be using a keyboard or computer to control the VL70m anyway.)

I was unsure whether to ask your input here or in the VL forum, but I guess this is the more appropriate place. Thanks for any pointers!

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Re: VL70m presets on the EX5?

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I do not have a VL70m, but basically you can load VL70m models into the EX5, which has 16 custom VL model slots. The VL70m has 6 slots, so the EX5 scores there.

My ex.factory librarian can open VL70m LIB files and you can transfer the VL models to the EX5. You will have to make your own voices using those models on the EX5. So as long as you can find the type of model you are looking for in a VL70m LIB file you can transfer the model to the EX5.

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