EX5 has a few electronic issues I think.

The EX5 features a unique Extended Synthesis system which incorporates a number of advanced tone generator technologies. AWM2, AN, FDSP and VL. The EX5 is one of the best keyboard Yamaha ever produced.

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EX5 has a few electronic issues I think.

Unread post by gray_days »

I've had this synth for 20+ years. It has always worked great. I have only been using it as a midi controller for the past few years, so I replaced it with the much lighter and smaller Impact GX61 a few months ago. I have had my EX5 in a hard gator case in the closet all that time. I just took it out to check it out so that I can sell it and I have discovered that it has several issues now.

If you look at the attached photo, the blue keys don't work at all, though if i lightly bump my fist on the frame above the keys, sometimes I will hear the sound of all those keys pressed at once very quickly.

The green keys sometimes work and sometimes do not work.

The other issue I have is that sometimes any key I press (that is not blue or green) keeps playing the note after it is released like a sustain pedal. I have to restart the keyboard to fix it, though sometimes it takes a few restarts.

I don't know if this is stuff I can fix. I have already checked inside for any loose cables or crimped wires and saw nothing. I'm totally fine with selling it for parts or just throwing it away. At this point I would rather have the closet space the case takes up than the keyboard.

Are these issues that are common or have known fixes? I couldn't find anything online when I researched it. If I was to sell this as is, what's a good price?

Thanks in advance for the help guys! I really appreciate it!
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Re: EX5 has a few electronic issues I think.

Unread post by Miks »

Hi gray_days,

welcome to the forum (Y)

I myself have no experiences with the EX5 (I own an EX5R...) - but as a start I would recommend to check the keybed's pcb's first. Maybe there's one (or a few) soldering joints in need of some fresh solder. Using a magnifier can be very helpful while inspecting the pcb's... :wink:

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Re: EX5 has a few electronic issues I think.

Unread post by Derek »


It might be as simple as some tarnished/loose connections on the keyboard matrix, but you will need to go inside the EX5 to find out. Although you have said you have already done that.

However, when checking bad connections, just because a cable connector looks OK, it does not mean to say it is. So I always remove them and then remake the connector, as a connector may be oxidised or tarnished so not making a good contact. Touch wood, 90% of any keyboard problems I have had over the years have always been down to loose or bad connections. Another 7% has been SY77/SY99/TG77 knackered display backlights!

The keyboard matrix cuts down the number of wires needed for scanning the keys, and usually that is arranged as 12 notes 8 octaves, which suggests a couple of the octave sends/returns are dodgy.

Derek Cook

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