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Music Finder Manager

Unread post by Laurie81 » Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:36 pm

I am trying to use the Yamaha Music Finder Manager with my Tyros 5.
I have deleted unwanted songs from the factory music finder file using the program and saved to a new file name and then saved to a USB stick. The Tyros recognises the new file but when you try to replace the current file I get an error message 'Data hasn't been loaded properly'
All I am doing is highlighting the songs I don't want and deleting, so the general format is untouched. I have contacted the author who cannot explain why such an error should exist.
Has anyone tried to do this with Music Finder Manager and had the same problem, or perhaps some kind person could try and see if the same problem exists for them.
I know I can copy and save favourites on the Tyros but that has to be done 'one by one' and the Manager is much handier (that's if it works)

Since posting the above, I have found that if you download the Tyros5 factory music finder file into the music finder manager and just save it under another file name, the Tyros gives the same error message as above.

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