Official List of amp types emulated

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Official List of amp types emulated

Unread post by david.krause63 »

I just want to let you know that it looks as if YAMAHA has now officially published a list of which amplifier types belong to the different model types!

I have seen such lists before, but not from YAMAHA itself. The interesting thing is that it corresponds to my idea of having EL84 tubes in CRUNCH, 6L6GC in DRIVE and EL34 in LEAD positions ;-) ... /6885.html


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Re: Official List of amp types emulated

Unread post by Saul »

Thanks David

And here it is again just in case Yamaha take it down or move it!

DG Series Amp Models

1 ) Lead 1 - Marshall

2 ) Lead2 - Soldano

3 ) Drive 1 - Fender Bassman

4 ) Drive2 - Fender Twin

5 ) Crunch1 - Vox AC30

6 ) Crunch 2 - Matchless

7 ) Clean 1 - Fender Twin Nasal Silverface

8 ) Clean2 - Fender Twin Full Blackface

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