Options for monitoring pianosound

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Options for monitoring pianosound

Unread post by Jens »

Hello there!

When I play my CP73 through headphones, I get the most wonderful sound.

When I play through my Headrush FRFR108 speaker (guitar branded PA speaker to use with my Line6 helix guitar pedal), the sound is terrible. When I play through classic big PA-monitors or studio monitors, i still find the sound lacks the high definition quality of the headphones.

THe only thing I didn't try is a dedicated keyboard speaker like the Roland KC series or a Behringer one. What do you guys think is the best option for having that pristine piano sound in a room?

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Re: Options for monitoring pianosound

Unread post by Saul »

Hi Jens

Have you checked the frequency response range of the keyboard against the Headrush FRFR108? Also check the spec of your headphones and compare. Guitar amps, pa speakers etc often don't have the range and response to faithfully reproduce everything a keyboard can put out.

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