My "new" VL7!!

Virtual Acoustic physical modeling synthesis mathematically simulates the sound and characteristics of acoustic instruments in real-time. This forum covers the VL1, VL7 and VL-70 as well as the PLG100-VL and PLG150-VL plug in boards.

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My "new" VL7!!

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I just bougth a used VL7 at a good price (720 euro)!!!
What a wonderfull synth. I have a EX5 and a Motif es rack with 2 PLG150-VL so as you can see I like VL sounds.
For what I can hear the quality of VL7 is way above the other.
I just made my sound bank and I want to share it with other VL1/7 owners.
The sounds bank is a mix of all existing sound, some of them are modified, some are new and all are optimized to play without BC.
Let me know what you think
Fra bank .vll.mid
Vl-librarian bank for VL7 (remove .mid to lmport)
(307.64 KiB) Downloaded 8 times

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Re: My "new" VL7!!

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Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

Derek Cook
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