Recording into Cubase AI with Yamaha THRII 30

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Recording into Cubase AI with Yamaha THRII 30

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Hello everyone!
I recently bought the Yamaha THR-30 II W and its a great amp but i just cant figure out how to record with it.
I have downloaded Cubase AI and the amp is connected via USB with my Computer. When i go in Cubase Ai on Studio i saw in youtube Videos that i should be able to see THR30 there and could use it as an input but it doesent show up for me.
So when i go on Studio->Studio Settings there is no driver under the tab VST- Audiosystems
Im guessing it must be a driver problem, however i just cant figure out where to download the driver for the new THR modell. I Used the thr10 before i bought this one. I even tried deinstalling the old driver but nothing worked.
Whats weird is that when my microphone is not connected it windows recognizes my thr as a microphone and when i did a soundcheck in the Windows settings i could see volume when i play my guitar.
I have been trying for days and looking everywhere on the Internet, at this point im just very fed up i dont think it should be this hard to record something into the pc when its a feature that is marketed with the product.. But maybe i just got a very simple thing wrong or something, im very new to recording. I hope someone here can help me.

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Re: Recording into Cubase AI with Yamaha THRII 30

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Hi PHMR and welcome to the forums . . . . .

Yamaha/Steinberg seem committed to allowing this situation to continue, putting users through all sorts of misery

in what should be a simple procedure.

We have hundreds of posts in here about the THR Amps and Cubase of various flavours, all concerning the same problem.

I don't own or use either Product (I never got on with Cubase, right from v1.0 for Windows)

It is important to note that the installation procedure for the driver is VERY fussy and specific about the ORDER

things are done.

The instructions MUST be followed EXACTLY, especially with regard to plugging-in, switching-on etc PRECISELY when told.

If you do NOT do this, you may well (annoyingly) get a partial install, that may appear to work - partly . . .

You then waste more time trying to puzzle-out what you believe is a good install . . . . :doh:

Best advice is to completely remove - in <device manager> any existing drivers - THEN follow the procedure precisely

for the correct driver for the THRIII. If Windows gets a look-in, IT will try and install IT'S drivers in a "Mother Knows Best"

kind of a way.

When you have done this correctly, The THRIII should appear in Cubase AI and all should be well . . . .

If it doesn't work as expected straight away, then remove all related drivers in <device manager> and try again . . . . .

When you get it right - it should work . . . .

Hope that helps . . .


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