Static on Reface CP phones/ left & right outs but not internal speakers

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Static on Reface CP phones/ left & right outs but not internal speakers

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Hello, first time posting, I'm working on a Reface CP which I bought with the following audio issue:
1.) On power on, there is a huge noise static signal that is noticeably loud on the phones outs and both L/R outputs. Right signal is noisier than left on both phones and separate outs.
2.) NO noise on internal speakers, continues on outs when speakers are unplugged. Speakers stay on when you plug mono outs into a small amp, but not when phones are plugged in
3.) Noise is identical whether powered from batteries or from 12V cable with batteries removed
4.) Volume slider does not affect noise level (best signal noise ratio at max volume is still pretty high)
5.) Audio and all user controls function correctly, noise aside. Joints and components all have good condition and workmanship, doesn't look abused
6.) Appears to probably use same boards as other Refaces, so owners of the other 3 models probably know something about mine.

#3 and #4 make me think the input power isn't being conditioned, but the caps and solder look good and there doesn't appear to be any foreign objects or bridging to blame on any of the boards.

Question: what could be causing this besides a bad cap or a bridge? Power conditioning looks okay, but it's hard to tell where all power is going with no schematics from Yamaha available online to my knowledge. Would it be worth replacing the outputs or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Not having a schematic available makes this WAY harder to work on, hoping someone has seen this before since it's too cheap to bother a tech with. Wanted to fix it up as a gift!!

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